Repair and Overhaul

  • Repair-and-Overhaul---Dynamics

    Dynamic Components

    Heli-One dynamic component repairs covers main, tail and intermediate gearboxes, and main and tail rotorheads.  Our overall goal is to return unserviceable parts back to service in an almost-new serviceable state. For parts requiring overhaul, we disassemble, clean, inspect, NDT, repair and then reassemble. We are able to test dynamic gearboxes on our test cells to ensure they meet OEM standards before returning the gearbox to service.  Heli-One has dynamic component overhaul capabilities on the following aircraft:

    • AS332
    • AS350/355
    • H130
    • H225
    • S-76
    • S-61
    • Bell 212
    • Bell 412
    • AW139
  • Engine Repair Overhaul Capabilities


    When your Engine arrives at our facility, we perform a comprehensive inspection to assess the condition and identify hidden damage as outlined by the OEM documentation. Depending on its condition, your engine then follows a rigorous process which entails, but is not limited to, workscope, disassembly, inspection, cleaning, assembly, testing, and final inspection. Heli-One’s processes have been designed around lean principals in order to reduce cost and TAT, getting your engine back in service quickly.  Heli-One has engine overhaul capabilities on the following engines:

    • Makila 1: 1A, 1A1, 1A2
    • PT6T (Accessories)
    • CT58/T58
    • CT7 Hot Section Replacement

  • Repair-and-Overhaul-Avionics


    As well as installing cutting-edge technology like Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS) and Engine Health and Usage Monitoring Systems (EHUMS), our world-class avionics workshops undertake high quality rewires, upgrades and other related services. Our licensed technicians, many of whom have completed electrical type courses on specific airframes, have the knowledge, skills and training to carry out the most complex jobs. Services include:

    • Health & Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) Installations
    • Airframe rewiring
    • Design and integration of new avionics systems and complete installations
    • Troubleshooting electrical, radio, instrumentation and auto flight systems
    • Night Vision Goggles/Head Up Display (NVG/HUD) Installations
    • Camera and Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) Systems
    • Cockpit Voice Recorder/Flight Data Recorder (CVR/FDR) Installations
    • Mission Equipment Installations
    • Search Lights
    • Starters
    • Batteries
    • Generators
  • Hydraulics Capabilities


    Heli-One has the capability to service, repair and overhaul helicopter’s hydraulics. 

    Heli-One specializes in maintenance services for hydraulic accessories that includes servos, cylinders, pumps, brakes, dampers, valves and filter units.  Heli-One has hydraulics overhaul capabilities for the following aircraft:

    • S-61
    • AW139
    • AS332
    • H225
    • AW139
  • Structures and Airframes Capabilities


    We deliver exceptional base maintenance services to helicopter owners and operators through our comprehensive approach to maintenance, airframe and structural repairs.  Our teams of highly-trained specialists ensure that our structural repairs are carried out with high levels of efficiency and quality standards.  Full structures support include:

    • Major structural repairs and modifications on metal and composites
    • S-61 tail pylon exchange including field replacement
    • 3,000 hour structural refurbishment / Inspection
    • Bell 412 titanium engine deck replacement
    • S-76 full tail boom and fuselage rebuilds
    • Mobile repair team specialists
    • S-76 tail boom core
  • Rescue-Equipment-Repair Overhaul

    Rescue Equipment

    Heli-One's Rescue Equipment workshop offers maintenance, repair, and overhaul services for the full range of rescue equipment. Turnaround times range from 7-30 days with express options available as well. 

    • Life Rafts
    • Floats
    • SAR Equipment
    • Inflation Systems
    • Engine Fire Extinguishers
    • Life Vests
  • Rotor Blade Repair Capabilities

    Blade Repairs

    Heli-One provides a wide range of blade services, including: abrasion strip repair and replacement, corrosion removal, pocket crack and tear repair, skin patch repair, repairing a damaged countersunk hole in the tip cap.  Heli-One has blade repair capabilities on the following aircraft:

    • AS332
    • AS365
    • AS350
    • H225
    • S-76
  • Landing Gear Capabilities

    Landing Gear

    Heli-One has the capability to service, repair and overhaul your landing gear.  Once your landing gear arrives, it undergoes a comprehensive inspection to determine the condition and reason for removal. Depending on condition and reason for removal, we perform normal inspection and pretesting before disassembling the landing and performing a series of checks to determine the extent of damage.  We then repair the landing gear and re-assemble.  Heli-One has landing gear overhaul capabilities for the following aircraft:

    • S-61
    • S-76
    • AS332
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