Specialized Equipment

Specialized Equipment - Decking Milling Machine  Specialized Equipment - Surface Grinder  Specialized Equipment - CNC Bed Mill 

Component Capabilities

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Chemical Cleaning check check check
Media Blasting - Aluminum Oxide, Glass Bead & Plastic Media check check check
Solvent Wash check check
Vapour Degreasing check check
Ultra Sonic (Ardrox Product) check


Vancouver Norway Poland
(PT) Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection check check check
(MT) Magnetic Particle Inspection check check
(ET) Eddy Current Inspection check
(UT) Ultrasonic Inspection check

Machine Shop

Vancouver Norway Poland
CNC Machining check check
Horizontal Boring Operations check check check
Grinding Operations check check check
Lathe/Turning Operations check check
Felt Metal Grinding check
Vertical Milling check
CMM Machine check
Shaping/Contouring/Forming Operations check check check

Welding Shop

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Fusion Welding - Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (TIG) check check check
Resistance (Spot) Welding check check check
Braze Welding check
Heat Treating check check

Specialized Surface Treating

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Anodizing check check
Cadmium Plating check check
Chromate Conversion Coating check check
Acid Etching check check
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