AW169 Stretcher Installation

Heli-One has developed a stretcher installation solution for the AW169 helicopter. This solution is designed to accommodate ergonomic handling of the stretcher where flexibility and urgency is a priority. The positioning of the stretcher allows for quick adjustment, patient comfort, and transportation best practices. This solution is adaptable for other platform types.


This installation is certified for the Allfa Europe Premium Stretcher but can be adapted to other stretcher types. The weight is 38kg (base plate) plus an additional 40kg for the stretcher. The installation time for this stretcher is low and only requires 1 crew member. The stretcher's multiple offset positions allows for maximum flexibility for crew members to adjust for patient comfort and medical transport best practices. 

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  • Teflon coating in key areas and quick lock systems mean effortless installation
  • Base plate designed with patient comfort, safety, and EMS transportation best practices in mind
  • Proven and in operation with EMS & SAR missions
  • Base plate designed to integrate with standard seat tracks

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