Heli-One CT58 Capabilities

Heli-One has developed deep expertise on the CT58/T58 engine through years of supporting S-61 and Sea King helicopters around the world. We have a large pool of engines that can be customized to your requirements depending on the TBO you require.

Did you know that Heli-One guarantees a 45-day turnaround time on CT58 engines?

When your CT58 engine arrives at our facility, we perform a comprehensive inspection to assess the condition as outlined by the OEM documentation. Depending on condition, your engine then follows a rigorous process which entails, but is not limited to, work scope, disassembly, cleaning, module assembly, testing, and final inspection. Heli-One’s processes have been designed around lean principals in order to reduce cost and TAT, getting your engine back in service quickly.

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CT58 Engine Capability

CT58 ER-7 Compressor Blade Spray

Heli-One, in conjunction with MDS Coating Technologies (MCT), and AeroTech Engineering Consultants, has developed an FAA Approved Repair for the application of MCT’s ER-7 erosion resistant coating on GE’s CT58 engines that extends engine Time-on-Wing (TOW) and improves safety-of-flight in erosive environments. This coating prevents blade erosion from airborne particles in desert operations and has proven to improve: engine efficiency, TOW, safety, and lower scrap rates.

Learn more on the Compressor Blade Spray product page. 


Heli-One's ​CT58/T58 Accessories Capabilities

Heli-One provides maintenance, repair, and overhaul services on CT58/T58 accessories such as Bleed Valves and Oil Coolers with more capabilities on the way. Our Accessory Shop also performs inspections and testing in-house for quick turnaround times. 

To view our 2017 Accessory Catalogue, click here.

Engine Accessory-Catalogue-2017

The current Accessory capability includes:

CT58/T58 Accessory Capabilities
Anti-Ice Valve
CT58/T58 - PN 3006T97P01
CT58/T58 - PN 3014T56P01
CT58/T58 - PN 3014T56P02
CT58/T58 - PN 4025T87P01
CT58/T58 - PN 4025T87P03
Stator Vane Actuator
CT58/T58 - PN 4004T63G10
CT58/T58 - PN 4004T63G04
CT58/T58 - PN 4004T63G05
CT58/T58 - PN 4004T63G07
Bleed Valve
CT58/T58 - PN 4003T62P05
CT58/T58 - PN 4003T62P04
CT58/T58 - PN 4003T62P03
CT58/T58 - PN 4003T62P01
Oil Cooler
CT58/T58 - PN 37D400479P101
CT58/T58 - PN 573D264P3
No 1 Oil Nozzle
CT58/T58 - PN 6029T27G03
No 2 Oil Nozzle
CT58/T58 - PN ​6018T69P01
PT Oil Nozzle
CT58/T58 - PN 5004T67P10
Fuel Manifold (R/H)
CT58/T58 - PN 4002T23G05
CT58/T58 - PN 4002T23G11
CT58/T58 - PN 4002T23G06
CT58/T58 - PN 4002T23G12
T5 Harness
CT58/T58 - PN 5003T78P02
CT58/T58 - PN 5003T78P04

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