CT58 ER-7 Compressor Blade Coating

Heli-One, in conjunction with MDS Coating Technologies (MCT), and AeroTech Engineering Consultants, has developed an FAA Approved Repair for the application of MCT’s ER-7 erosion resistant coating on GE’s CT58 engines that extends engine Time-on-Wing (TOW) and improves safety-of-flight in erosive environments. This coating prevents blade erosion from airborne particles in desert operations and has proven to improve: engine efficiency, TOW, safety, and lower scrap rates.

Operational Benefits in Erosive Environments:

  • Protects compressor blades
  • Minimizes erosion from: sand, ash, and dust
  • Extends TOW
  • Prevents Leading Edge (LE) curl
  • Eliminates LE curl safety-of-flight issues
  • Reduces fuel consumption
  • Decreases scrap rate through extended blade longevity

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US Marine Corps CH-46 Engines

  • Over 800 sets coated since 2005
  • 360,000+ operational hours
  • Eliminated blade failures after coating implementation
  • ~Doubled TOW in desert operations
“ER-7 coating saved the United States Marine Corps’ CH-53 helicopter fleet up to $8 million per aircraft per year in repair and overhaul costs.”
(Defence Daily Network, September 6, 2006)

Uncoated & eroded blade vs Coated blade

Erosion Process:

For aircraft operating in particle-rich conditions - sand, ash, and dust ingested by the engine leads to blade erosion and LE curl. These effects decrease TOW & engine efficiency and increase costs that come with additional maintenance and downtime. The ER-7 blade coating protects the blade from airborne particulates.
CT58 Erosion Process

Blade Coating

The coating is applied by a Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) process that does not materially impact the weight or dimensions of parts and is ideal for retrofit programs. The ER-7 coating prevents LE curl and blade deterioration and retains blade surface finish. The coating is field-proven to reduce the effects of erosion and in-turn improve engine efficiency, decrease fuel consumption, enhance safety and lower maintenance hours and cost.


About MCT

MDS Coating Technologies

 MCT has developed and applied OEM-certified and Nadcap™-accredited blade coatings for gas turbine engines used in military and civilian operations. They have been recognized with the Harry T Jensen Award from the American Helicopter Society International for outstanding contributions to the improvement of helicopter reliability, maintainability and safety. They have also been recognized by the US Marine Corps with the presentation of the USMC flag for improved flight safety.

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