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Heli-One Norway Engine Shop located in Stavanger, Norway is a Level 4, Depot-level provider of Safran Makila engine overhaul. They service the 1A, 1A1, and 1A2 variants with a 45-day turnaround time on overhauls. In-house supporting workshops and the seasoned expertise of technicians facilitate quick work and minimize downtime.
Heli-One Norway began work on Makila engines in 1985, beginning with maintenance and repair. Full overhaul capability was achieved in 1990 and since then over 2000 engines have passed through the shop with over 500 overhauls and 1600 repairs being completed.

When an Engine or Module arrives, we perform a comprehensive inspection at arrival to determine the condition and removal reason. Depending on the condition of the engine and the reasons for remov­al, normal pretesting is performed before the engine is disassembled and boroscope checks are performed to determine extent of damage. Heli-One Norway also holds a fully operational hydraulic shop and full capability on Makila accessories including fuel control units.

Heli-One Norway is the only facility outside of Safran approved to assemble engines and has delivered 58 from the shop.

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Makila Engine Capability
Makila 1
Makila 1A - 0298005040
Makila 1A1 - 0298005060
Makila 1A2 - 0298005110


The Makila Engine Shop is located at Heli-One's Norway facility in Stavanger. The team is comprised of over 20 technicians that share decades of years of experience. 

Makila Module Services

We offer individual module repair and overhaul services. The Engine Shop has designated module stations with specialized technicians. Upon arrival, each module is thoroughly inspected, and depending on the scope of work, different repair options are presented that are flexible based on time or budget. We also offer units for exchange or lease that can be customized to align with operational demands.

Additional Services

The shop also offers services for engine accessories including fuel control units and overspeed and drain valves. The shop services all part numbers in the Makila 1A/1A1/1A2 IPC.


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