PT6C Engines (PT6C-67)

Heli-One's ​PT6C-67 Accessories Capabilities

Heli-One provides maintenance, repair, and overhaul services on PT6T and PT6C-67 accessories such as oil filters and fuel nozzles with more capabilities on the way. Our Accessory Shop also performs inspections and testing in-house for quick turnaround times. 

To view our 2017 Accessory Catalogue, click here.

Engine Accessory-Catalogue-2017

The current Accessory capability includes:

PT6C-67 Accessory Capabilities
Fuel Nozzles
PT6C-67C - PN 3058617-01 
PT6C-67C - PN 3058932-01 
PT6C-67C - PN 3059126-01 
PT6C-67C - PN 3073974-01 
PT6C-67C - PN 3073976-01 

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