Heli-One offers an exchange service which eliminates repair and overhaul turnaround times and minimizes aircraft downtime.

Browse Heli-One’s inventory of units to see if your part is available for exchange and contact our customer service representative to ask for more information. Don’t see the part you’re looking for? Contact Heli-One ​as new assets are added daily. Need a solution more customized to your specific needs? Heli-One can build to spec to meet specific operational requirements; contact us today for more details.

Build-to-Spec Program

Through the Heli-One ‘Build-to-Spec’ Exchange Program, we can customize engine and component exchanges to meet certain condition and price requirements.Our team of technicians will work with you to find the best ‘Build-to-Spec’ solution for your needs. We utilize our parts inventory, exchange pool, in-house testing, in-house engineering, support workshop, and accessory shop to customize an exchange to suit your needs. Whether time or price is your driver - ‘Build-to-Spec’ will find an exchange solution for you.

View our information sheet on the Build-to-Spec Program.

Contact a Heli-One exchange expert

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