Mission Support

EMS Completions

Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

Helicopter EMS crews receive calls for immediate launches that involve life and death situations. International flight safety bodies are increasingly recommending that helicopter EMS operators adopt the latest safety-enhancing avionics to manage risks to crew and patients.

When customizing a helicopter for EMS missions, Heli-One knows that obstacle, weather and terrain awareness is key - as well as being able to analyse flight data after the mission. Some of our modifications for these critically important mission helicopters are –

  • Medical Equipment Racks
  • Flight Management Systems
  • Polycon Radio Systems 

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Search and Rescue (SAR)

SAR missions can happen any time day or night, in any weather conditions. SAR rotorcraft need to be enhanced with technologies that help mitigate the risks of changeable environments.

As part of CHC Helicopter, who provides SAR services all over the world, Heli-One has an operator’s unique insight into mission requirements, game-changing technologies and how to overcome harsh conditions.

Some of our modifications include:

  • Weather Radar Systems
  • Dual Hoists
  • Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) Camera Systems 

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Search and Rescue Helicopter Modifications
Law Enforcement Helicopter Modifications

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement operators around the world use rotorcraft as tools which can get a tough job done, and Heli-One supports them across the globe through innovative modifications such as:

  • Flight Management Systems
  • Satellite Tracking Systems
  • Iridium Aerophone

Modifications for Law Enforcement helicopters aim to optimize the aircraft’s capability, versatility and safe operations. Here, for the LA County Sheriff’s Department fleet of next-generation Super Pumas, Heli-One implemented 65 modifications to each aircraft as part of Aero Bureau’s Block I Modification Program requirement.


Helicopters can provide a decisive tactical advantage to Military operators. In locations where road transport is often not an option, rotorcraft are crucial for both special ops and combat SAR as well as day-to-day Utility missions.

Customizing military helicopters means ensuring they perform as multi-purpose and versatile assets. Military helicopters need to deliver precise navigation and survivability in all climates and environments, and in night-time operations. Heli-One can also implement modifications that help Military aircraft deliver total in-theatre capability, such as:

  • Night Vision
  • Infrared Suppression Systems
  • Electronic Warfare Systems
Offshore Helicopter


Operators supporting the offshore Oil & Gas industry have to deliver first-class service in tough environments, and the latest technologies can help optimize an aircraft for Oil & Gas operations. Specialist modifications include those designed to be deployed in the case of accidents over water.

State-of-the-art avionics reduce pilot workload and enhance safety. Through years of supporting CHC Helicopter’s international Oil & Gas helicopter services, Heli-One has a total understanding of offshore mission requirements. Some of the cutting edge modifications we provide are –

  • Emergency Locator Transmitters
  • Shuttle Timers
  • Belly Mounted Life Raft Release


Whether it’s making a special appearance at an event or simply trying to beat the traffic, VIP helicopter transport is an increasingly popular segment in aviation. 

Typically, lighter aircraft are purposed for VIP transport and at Heli-One, we can install and modify a host of different designs and modifications to help give your helicopter the level of comfort that is necessary in a VIP helicopter. Some of these modifications are –

  • Avionics Shelf
  • Cup Holders
  • Baggage Bay Covers
Mission Support - Utility


Helicopters are the workhorses of many industries all around the world. Surveying, inspecting, transporting, lifting, dousing, fertilizing, newsgathering, touring – with the right modifications rotorcraft can turn their hands (or blades) to almost anything. Custom installations help operators seeking not just a performance edge – but also optimal standards of safety.

Heli-One supports customers in a wide range of sectors and specialties, operating in environments ranging from mountainous terrain to built-up urban areas. Some of our wide-ranging modifications enable helicopters to –  

  • Perform external load operations
  • Maximize cockpit visibility
  • Enhance flight endurance and efficiency
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