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Heli-One champions a collaborative design process with EMS crews (health care professionals, pilots) to develop custom solutions with efficiency, safety, and patient-care in mind.

We prioritize:

  • Maximizing space efficiency
  • Prioritizing ergonomics
  • Flexible configurations for mission customization
  • Medical transport best practices and regulatory standards
  • Future-proof - allowing for the update of medical equipment without major redesign
  • Hygienic design for ease of cleaning/disinfecting
  • Ease of maintenance for ground and air crew
  • Safety - equipment must not pose a hazard to crew or patient
  • Cost consideration

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AW169 Stretcher Installation

Heli-One has developed a stretcher installation solution for the AW169 helicopter. This solution is designed to accommodate ergonomic handling of the stretcher where flexibility and urgency is a priority. The positioning of the stretcher allows for quick adjustment, patient comfort, and transportation best practices.

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Medical Wall

Heli-One developed a medical or equipment wall that is modular in format which allows for maximum crew customization and efficiency. The modular medical wall accommodates equipment that can be reconfigured quickly and to the crew’s optimal placement. This modification can be installed with a turnaround time of 14 days.

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Equipment Wall New


Essential for rescue operations, the MEDEVAC permits the rapid transport of seriously injured persons, from the scene of an accident to the medical center.

Heli-One offers additional Medevac (Medical Evacuation) installation for helicopters. Medevac consists of: 
  • Standard seat track pattern installation
  • NATO Stretcher installation in fwd L/H and aft R/H part of cabin
  • LSTAT medical stretcher installation in aft R/H and/or fwd R/H part of cabin
  • Sicma single seats installation in fwd R/H and aft L/H part of cabin
  • Improved Cabin Lighting
  • Floor protection covering
  • Interior trim upgrade in aft cabin
  • Medical Equipment and necessary power outlets
  • Installation of miscellaneous equipment. 

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Read the AW169 case study

Heli-One did an analysis of the challenges faced by Babcock Scandinavia Air Ambulance and the technical solution developed by Design Engineers. 

Supplemental Modifications

Heli-One designs, certifies, and installs innovative and practical solutions in nearly any airworthiness jurrisdiction in the world. Heli-One has developed modifications for every operational mission type and can integrate different solutions to fit every crew’s unique needs. Cabin configurations are designed with flexibility and efficiency in mind, allowing crews to further customize their environments based on the dynamic nature of their work. 

Modifications that are complimentary to EMS cabins include:

Modular Equipment Racks & Storage Solutions
Night Vision Goggle Installations & Night Vision Imaging System
Sea Trays
Multi-Mission Flight Management Systems
Search Lights
Hoists & Hoist Cameras
Direction Finder
Custom flight deck upgrades 
FLIR Installation
Traffic and Terrain Warning Systems

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