Military Support

Heli-One has supported a variety of military operators all over the world. This support ranges from routine maintenance to developing custom mission-specific solutions. Heli-One has mature production and supply chain processes and a strong culture of safety & quality with experience in adhering to government and military work standards. 

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Infrared Suppression System

Provides enhanced safety while operating VFR and IFR in environments 
where shoulder-launched or other heat seeking missiles may be in hostile hands. Decreases the IR visibility of the aircraft with minimal consequence to performance.

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Ballistic Protection

Maximizes protection for crew and passenger safety. Installed around existing equipment and access requirements, and enables interchangeability of armor panel units.  Panels cover the maximum available area, taking into consideration any existing installations, equipment and access required – such as the pedals and the stick in the cockpit, seat tracks on the cabin floor and access to connectors on the walls. All panels are installed using templates to enable interchangeability. The design may be adapted to other aircraft types upon request. 

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Multi Mission Flight Management System

We offer flight management system upgrades that offer advanced and versatile functionality for law enforcement aircraft. New systems allow for multiple mission profiles to be available to crew at the touch of a button, saving workload and enhancing situational awareness. We offer flight management systems from a variety of vendors which will depend on the operator's aircraft, budget, and operational demands. 

Heli-One has installed updated flight management systems for the AS332L1, S-76 and S-61.
Read about our AS332L1 installation for a law enforcement operator.

AS332 EFIS Display

FLIR Camera

Heli-One offers FLIR camera installations for different aircraft types. Heli-One has certification for the FLIR Ultra Force II EP camera for the AS332 but can adapt this for other FLIR cameras and aircraft. The certification applies to AS332, H225, and S-61. Thermal imaging systems consist of an IR camera and a CCD daylight camera with 18 x zoom. A spotter scope can give 0.4° field of view. Options like laser range finder, laser illuminator and laser pointer can be offered, as well as synchronization with searchlight or radar. The camera is qualified to MIL-STD. Associated equipment like Console, LED display, digital recorder and video downlink is offered. The design may be adapted to other aircraft types upon request.

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Electronic Warfare System

Heli-One offers Electronic Warfare System (EWS) installation for helicopters. The EWS is an integrated self-protection system, which includes Missile Approach Warning and Countermeasures Dispensing functions. The EWS is designed to provide situational awareness of the utilization of the electromagnetic spectrum by enemy as well as friendly forces. The particular area of the electromagnetic spectrum that is catered for by the EWS is UV emissions from missile motors. The situational awareness provided by the EWS enhances the survivability of the aircraft against launched missiles en route to the aircraft. The design may be adapted to other aircraft types upon request.

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Essential for rescue operations, the MEDEVAC permits the rapid transport of seriously injured persons, from the scene of an accident to the medical center.

Heli-One offers additional Medevac (Medical Evacuation) installation for helicopters. Medevac consists of: 
  • Standard seat track pattern installation
  • NATO Stretcher installation in fwd L/H and aft R/H part of cabin
  • LSTAT medical stretcher installation in aft R/H and/or fwd R/H part of cabin
  • Sicma single seats installation in fwd R/H and aft L/H part of cabin
  • Improved Cabin Lighting
  • Floor protection covering
  • Interior trim upgrade in aft cabin
  • Medical Equipment and necessary power outlets
  • Installation of miscellaneous equipment. 

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Additional Resources

Cabin Configuration Installation

This video shows technicians at our Norwegian facility installing various cabin equipment in an Airbus AS332L1. The equipment is installed without tools, fairly quickly with minimal crew.  

Supplemental Modifications

Heli-One designs, certifies, and installs innovative and practical solutions in nearly any airworthiness jurrisdiction in the world. Heli-One has developed modifications for every operational mission type and can integrate different solutions to fit every crew’s unique needs. Cabin configurations are designed with flexibility and efficiency in mind, allowing crews to further customize their environments based on the dynamic nature of their work. 

Modifications that are complimentary to ​military cabins include:

Modular Equipment Racks & Storage Solutions
Night Vision Goggle Installations & Night Vision Imaging System
Search Lights
Hoists & Hoist Cameras
Direction Finder
Custom flight deck upgrades 

Traffic Advisory System

The Traffic Advisory System enhances your flight crew’s situational awareness of nearby aircraft. Crucial for high standards of safety in high-traffic airspace and in weather conditions causing poor visibility.

We offer this installation for the AS332L2 and the S-76 but can offer adaptations for other aircraft types.

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Medical Rack for Seat

Heli-One offers a removable medical equipment rack for cabin seats for ad-hock ambulance or SAR missions. The rack is placed in any normal passenger seat and is secured by seatbelt. The rack is fully customizable for vital equipment and crew requirements.

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