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​Offshore Completions

Heli-One has supported offshore-serving helicopters for decades. We have developed modifications, upgrades, and enhancements tailed for this mission purpose and crew needs. We also offer deconfiguration and reconfiguration services and consultation to optimize aircraft beyond offshore. 

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Cabin Modifications

We offer a wide variety of solutions that have been deployed in aircraft around the world. We also offer custom solutions developed by our Design Engineers. The following are a few of the basic cabin adjustments we can offer to you:

Lightweight Interior Trim: The Light Weight Interior Trim has been designed to reduce overall weight by using advanced composite materials for your aircrafts. The interior is designed using advanced composite materials to make the interior as light as possible, which gives a total weight of 79,7kg. The interior trim has options for integrated public address speakers in the ceiling panels, and each passenger have their own reading light and air gasper connected to the aircrafts fresh air/air-condition system.

Cabin Lighting: Heli-One offers cabin light installation for helicopters. The Cabin Light Installation includes concealed combined Cabin/Emergency Lighting in the interior valance panels, individual Reading Lights with pushbutton switch above every seat location and Ordinance Lights (No Smoking and Safety Belts). 

Multi Purpose Wall: Heli-One has developed a modular equipment wall to support operators with a variety of mission demands. The concept allows for custom defined configurations for equipment and storage. 

Storage Cabinet: When additional storage is needed for keeping equipment safe in one position, the cabin storage cabinet provides a convenient and spacious storage space. Used for multiple purposes from hosting medical equipment to passenger luggage, the cabinet is guaranteed to be used every flight.

Multi Mission Flight Management System

We offer flight management system upgrades that offer advanced and versatile functionality for law enforcement aircraft. New systems allow for multiple mission profiles to be available to crew at the touch of a button, saving workload and enhancing situational awareness. We offer flight management systems from a variety of vendors which will depend on the operator's aircraft, budget, and operational demands. 

Heli-One has installed updated flight management systems for the AS332L1, S-76 and S-61.
Read about our AS332L1 installation for a law enforcement operator.

AS332 EFIS Display

​External Camera

Heli-One offers a camera installation for enhanced situational awareness and safety. A Lexavia LFX 2010 IR/Daylight camera is attached to the airframe and the feed is patched in to any cockpit multifunction display. The camera can be positioned in a forward-facing or vertical position to monitor terrain or cargo operations. This camera operates in all light settings and has magnification capability for detailed monitoring.

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Lexavia Camera-Mounted

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Rescue Equipment

Our Rescue Equipment shop in Stavanger, Norway offers MRO services for a wide range of equipment including: floats, life vests, rafts, inflation systems, and more. The team provides services for the full range of rescue equipment and across multiple OEMs such as Aero Sekur, Zodiac, Survitec, Switlik, GKN/FPT, and Life Lite. Heli-One supports multiple aircraft types and the team has had to grow and adapt their capabilities to include a wide variety of manufacturers.

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Cabin Configuration Installation

This video shows technicians at our Norwegian facility installing various cabin equipment in an Airbus AS332L1. The equipment is installed without tools, fairly quickly with minimal crew.  

Supplemental Modifications

Heli-One designs, certifies, and installs innovative and practical solutions in nearly any airworthiness jurrisdiction in the world. Heli-One has developed modifications for every operational mission type and can integrate different solutions to fit every crew’s unique needs. Cabin configurations are designed with flexibility and efficiency in mind, allowing crews to further customize their environments based on the dynamic nature of their work. 

Modifications that are complimentary to ​military cabins include:

Access Door to Cargo Compartment
Cockpit Voice and Flight Data Recorder (CVFDR)
USB Charger
Direction Finder


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