​Mobile Repair Team (MRT)


Heli-One’s Mobile Repair Teams (MRT) are deployed around the world to perform a wide variety of services from inspections, repair, and design/engineering work. Our global pool of experienced technicians can be mobilized and deployed quickly to bases around the world. The team is customized per project and is assembled with cross-functionality and efficiency in mind.

Heli-One's Global Network



  • Convenience of on-base work
  • Large global pool of experienced technicians for quick deployment
  • Global distribution hubs for efficient material shipping
  • Adaptable and flexible team experience in working in different environments
  • Customized MRTs to maximize cross-functional skill sets and efficiency

Past Projects Have Included:

  • Routine inspections and repairs
  • Engine maintenance (such as: module maintenance, troubleshooting, inspections)
  • Design & Engineering modifications work (design, installation, testing, and certification)
  • Return to Service
  • Service Bulletins & ADs
  • Technical assistance
  • Specialized tool or equipment work

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