​Helicopter Storage

Heli-One Storage Solutions

Heli-One offers storage programs that can be tailored to your operational needs. Whether you require short-term preservation to enable your business to quickly adapt to market conditions or long-term storage to reduce operational cost, Heli-One has a solution for you.

Short- and Long-Term Storage

Heli-One holds certifications and expertise on a broad range of major helicopter manufacturers. Every aircraft has a unique storage program and we tailor packages that enable customers to quickly react to market conditions. Storage options are available for Airbus, Sikorsky and Leonardo (AgustaWestland) aircraft from 45 days to 24 months

Heli-Cell Storage

The Heli-Cell (by Carcoon©) is Heli-One’s innovative approach to aircraft storage. It provides a controlled environment maintaining 40% or lower relative humidity to reduce risk of corrosion. It will also reduce and defer maintenance and related costs by freezing calendar items and duelist requirements. Remote Heli-Cell storage is available to avoid costly aircraft mobilization to a maintenance facility. Heli-Cells can be utilized for up to 24 months and are subject to availability, CHC, and OEM approval. 

Storage programs can be customized to include:

  • Induction of aircraft
  • Labour and materials required to prepare aircraft for storage
  • Labour for on-going maintenance tasks per the OEM Manual
  • Labour for ground and flight tests
  • Secured hangar rental space 
  • An estimate of pilots cost for flights required (day rate only)
  • Hangar Keeper’s” Insurance while the aircraft is undergoing maintenance in Heli-One facility

Additional Services

Airframe Maintenance

Dedicated to quality and safety, our highly-trained specialists ensure base maintenance procedures are carried out with high levels of efficiency and to standards that are second to none. Services include airframe inspections, modifications, upgrades and structural repairs.

Flyable Preservation

We support customers with immediate aircraft sale or lease opportunities. Flyable preservation state ensures the aircraft will be serviceable to support operational needs or due diligence inspections prior to purchase.

Aircraft Maintenance Management

Heli-One’s experienced and knowledgeable Technical Records team is capable of bridging maintenance programs, assessing alert service bulletins, airworthiness directives, securing document
storage, maintaining technical records, log books and more.

Aircraft Mobilization

Our technicians are available to travel to your aircraft location to disassemble and prepare the aircraft for shipping. We manage all shipping details with the freight forwarder to ensure the aircraft
arrives to a Heli-One facility intact.

Aircraft Registration & Certification (C of A)

Heli-One can facilitate the acquisition of Certificate of Airworthiness (C of A) including hiring a Minister Delegate and pilots to perform the test flight. Completion of overdue maintenance and/or inspections and validation of previously completed repairs and/or modifications will be required for the C of A.

By-the-Hour Support

Heli-One is a single-source supplier for your nose-to-tail maintenance needs with services extending across multiple OEMs including airframes, components, engines, modifications, and avionics work. Our support gives you coverage for planned and unplanned events for a fixed monthly cost.

Aircraft Painting

Capable of completing any helicopter repaint, our custom paint schemes meet or exceed OEM and customer standards using the latest and eco-friendly paint technology.
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