Exhausted By Your Exhaust Ducts?
We Have A Solution For You.

Heli-One offers customers an affordable repair option over replacement. The repair process and fabricated parts are an economical and more efficient solution and ensures part durability and longevity. 


Cost Savings

Save up to 70% over the cost of a replacement. 


Experience Matters

We have performed over 400 duct repairs. We are equipped to handle large volumes of repairs with a high level of efficiency. 


Low Turnaround Time

Exhaust ducts are completed within 30 working days, depending on the work scope and generation type. 


Efficient Production

We have custom tooling and benches dedicated to exhaust repairs. Our improved efficiency means a quicker repair time for customers. 


Supported Part Numbers
3G7800L00132 - No. 1 Nozzle, LH
3G7800L00134 - Exhaust Duct, LH
3G7800L00232 - No. 2 Nozzle, RH
3G7800L00234 - No. 2 Nozzle
3G7800L00632 - Exhaust Nozzle No. 1 Engine
3G7800L00732 - Exhaust Nozzle Eng. #2
3G7806P01532 - No. 1 Exhaust Duct Blanket Replacement

Some before-and-after examples of our work - hover over to see:

  • Duct-Before Duct-After
  • Duct-2-Before Duct-2-After

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