S-61 Maintenance Repair Overhaul

S-61 Maintenance Repair Overhaul

Heli-One is proud to announce the launch of the "Supporting the Legacy" campaign to promote the continued support of the Sikorsky S-61 aircraft. Through the "Supporting the Legacy" campaign, Heli-One's mission is to provide maintenance support for S-61 operators to ensure this durable aircraft continues to fly for years to come as a mainstay of the industry.

The Sikorsky S-61 helicopter has been the backbone for heavy utility industries such as Oil & Gas and Forestry for years. The S-61 seats up to 30 passengers and its versatility makes it a perfect fit for utility roles.

Heli-One has provided MRO services on the S-61 for over 40 years with some of the most experienced technicians in the industry.  We maintain a large inventory of used, serviceable S-61 parts allowing us to lower costs and reduce turnaround times while maintaining quality.  Heli-One also ​a varietyof maintenance support options, as well as lease and exchange units.

We perform S-61 Base Maintenance activities in Vancouver, Canada and Stavanger, Norway and with our extensive catalogue of STCs we can confidently keep your S-61 mission ready.

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Our S-61 Capabilities Information including Component & Engine Overhaul

Featured Capabilities

S-61 Capabilites
Base Maintenance
S-61 9000 hour inspection
All levels of inspections/checks
Full structural support
Corrosion removal and repair
Minor/major structural repairs and modifications
Repair and Overhaul
Main gearbox
Intermediate gearbox
Tail gearbox
Main rotorhead
Electric accessories
Hydraulic components
Landing gear
Engine Accessories
Fuel control units
Rotor blades
Flight Controls

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