S-76 (A, B, C variants) Capabilities


The Sikorsky S-76 is a twin turboshaft engine helicopter and is an incredibly versatile aircraft used in both civil and paramilitary missions around the world.

Heli-One is widely recognized as a world leader on the S-76 platform having supported hundreds of thousands of aircraft flight hours through comprehensive support contracts offering services from nose to tail. Our engineers have developed 50+ post-delivery modifications for the S-76 enabling our team to prepare your S-76 for whatever the required mission. In addition, Heli-One also offers leasing and exchange units​.

We carry out S-76 (A,B, and C variants) Base Maintenance activities in Vancouver with deep expertise in performing conversions and lease returns, preparing aircraft for their next mission. Heli-One Canada is a Sikorsky Authorized Customer Support Center and Authorized Gearbox Overhaul & Repair Facility. 

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S-76 Airframe Capabilities

Our team of technicians are fully licensed and receive additional training for specialized structures work. All our facilities have in-house supporting workshops to facilitate faster turnaround times and to maintain quality standards. Heli-One offers the full range of base maintenance services including:

  • All levels of inspections/checks
  • Full structural support
  • Corrosion removal and repair
  • Mobile Repair Team services
  • Minor/major structural repairs and modifications
  • Avionics - maintenance and minor/major modifications
  • Inspection, test, and re-certification
  • Investigation/fault diagnosis
  • Vibration evaluation and diagnosis

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S-76 Component Capabilities

Our Heli-One Canada facility is a Sikorsky Authorized S-76 Repair & Overhaul Center for gearboxes (Main, Intermediate, Tail). The shop also services other dynamics including rotor heads and drive shafts as well as small components. The shop’s wealth of in-house resources and centralized work facility lowers turnaround times and ensures that Heli-One’s high safety & quality standards are met. Nearly 400 unique repairs for S-76 components are a cost effective solutions over replacement and expand budget options.

Dynamic & Small Component repair & overhaul capability highlights:

  • Gearboxes (Main, Intermediate, Tail)
  • Bearing supports
  • Engine mounts
  • Struts
  • Brakes
  • Wheels
  • Landing gears
  • Drive shafts
  • Swashplates
  • Rotor heads
  • Avionics (generators, batteries, radar, radios, navcomm, etc)

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S-76 Modifications

Heli-One’s two Design teams design, certify, and install innovative and practical solutions in nearly any airworthiness jurisdiction in the world. We have hundreds of Major/Minor modifications and repair solutions and have worked with military and civil 
operators representing every mission type in the industry. 

Our Design teams have developed many solutions for the S-76 for a variety of missions including:
  • Flight Display Modernization
  • Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) with SSQAR
  • Cockpit Voice Recorder (Penny & Giles) Multi-Purpose Flight Recorder
  • Egress Railing
  • Emergency Beacon Locating System
  • Enhanced Ground Proximity System (EGPWS) - Honeywell Mk XXII
  • GPS with Map Display (Garmin GNS-530/530W)
  • Loud Hailer
  • Flight Following and Satellite
  • Communication SkyTrac ISAT-200
  • Avionics Shelves
  • Traffic Advisory System TAS-620
  • Triple Seat
  • Water Activated Floatation System
  • Weather Radar System Honeywell Primus 660

Discover more S-76 modifications and other cross-platform solutions in our online modifications catalogue.

Flight Display Modernization

Learn more about our S-76 A/B/C flight display modernization program.
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S-76 Support Options

 Heli-One offers a variety of S-76 support options from comprehensive Nose-to-Tail coverage to plans covering specific components. Heli-One can offer operators a single source of maintenance support across multiple OEMs, including engines.  

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