S-92 Airframes/Structures Services


Heli-One performs the full range of Airframes/Structures services for the Sikorsky S-92 including all levels of inspections and Special Service Instructions (SSIs). Heli-One offers MRO services that go beyond the OEM manual including more than 300 proprietary repairs that save parts typically deemed BER. The full team of technicians, engineers, planners and support staff deliver exceptional customer service and the highest standards of quality and safety.

S-92 Airframe Services Highlights:

  • All levels of inspections (150/250/375/750/1500HR)
  • Services at Heli-One facilities or by Mobile Repair Team (available globally on short notice to suit all of our customers support requirements)
  • 300+ S-92 proprietary repairs and modifications covering airframes, components, and avionics
  • Implementation of all SSIs and Service Bulletins (SBs)
  • Technicians have Cold Working training for specialized structures work (SSI92-074E and SSI92-105E)
  • In-house Supporting Workshops facilitate faster turnaround times and improved efficiency
  • State-of-the-art MRO facilities are fully equipped with extensive specialized maintenance capabilities
300-Repairs  S-92 Repairs Include:

  • 29 Curtain Assembly Repairs
  • 25 Ladder Assembly Repairs
  • 12 Shield Repairs
  • 8 Duct Assembly Repairs
  • 6 Cowling Latch Repairs

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