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Heli-One offers AW139 maintenance and is a Leonardo (AgustaWestland) Authorized Service Center. Heli-One is dedicated to providing the best maintenance, repair and overhaul on your AW139 and goes beyond the OEM manual to find solutions. We currently support AW139s at bases around the world on programs as comprehensive as comprehensive support to component repair. 

Heli-One's AW139 maintenance, repair, and overhaul options include complete inspections, full structural support, repairs & modifications, avionics, Bolletino Tecnico (BT), engine support, and more. 

Heli-One performs maintenance on the AW139 at our facilities in  Vancouver, Canada; Stavanger, Norway; and Rzeszow, Poland.  We also offer customized by-the-hour support packages, providing you flexibility to choose the type of coverage you want. Additionally, we offer leasing and exchange units to keep your AW139 fleet mission ready.

Our AW139 Brochure & Exhaust Duct Flyer


Heli-One offers AW139 airframe/structures services at three facilities: Richmond, Canada; Stavanger, Norway; and Rzeszow, Poland. Our team of technicians are fully licensed and receive additional training such as Cold Working for specialized structures work. All our facilities have specialized in-house supporting workshops to facilitate faster turnaround times and improved efficiency. Our state-of-the-art structures facilities have customized stations for AW139 repair, ensuring that your aircraft receives the highest level of quality and safety maintenance service. 

We also offer Mobile Repair Team (MRT) services and can send our technicians to provide airframes/structures services all over the world.

AW139 Airframe Capabilities
All levels of inspections including: 50/300/600/1200HR & 1/2/4-Year Inspections
Mobile Repair Team services
Bolletino Tecnico (BT) support
Tail boom modification
Major/minor structural repairs and modifications
Corrosion removal and repair
Inspection, test and re-certification
Investigation/fault diagnosis
Vibration evaluation and diagnosis
Avionics - maintenance and minor/major modifications

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Heli-One offers AW139 components maintenance, repair, and overhaul at three facilities: Richmond, Canada; Stavanger, Norway; and Rzeszow, Poland. We offer specialized services such as FTI Bushings replacement which lowers overall turnaround time. Our technicians are supported with in-house workshops and a Design & Engineering team that develop cost-saving and time-saving proprietary unique repairs. These specialized repairs save parts regularly deemed BER. The repair adds longevity to the part, extends lifespan and reduces scrap rates (direct maintenance costs). 

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Heli-One's Avionics shop provides key services in close collaboration with other workshops and teams. Their work ranges from full scale flight display retrofits to rewiring  and have supported platforms including the AW139 for operators in a diverse range of mission types. Our Avionics shop in Norway has Level 3 component repair capability which means technicians are able to repair or replace items on a component level - frequently reducing the high cost of repairs. 

​Avionics Capabilities
Rewiring: custom and off-the-shelf solutions
Equipment installation for all mission types including: maps, weather, radar, HUMS, CVDFR, NVG/HUD, EGPWS, traffic advisory
Camera, FLIR, and EOIR installation
Part manufacturing capabilities
Inspection, testing, repair, and overhaul capabilities
In addition, our Avionics shops are approved service/repair providers for many OEMs/manufacturers.

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Heli-One can provide support for the PT6C-67C engine.
Heli-One also performs repairs on PT6C-67C engine accessories such as fuel nozzles. For more information - please take a look at the Engine page. 


Support Plans

Heli-One offers AW139 customized support plans - giving you a single source of maintenance service across multiple OEMs, including engines. We give you predictable maintenance budgets, covering both scheduled and unscheduled events, with a dedicated Customer Support Officer and 24/7 AOG support. 

Our plans are tailored for you and can cover individual components or the entire aircraft. Our options give you a maintenance solution to manage costs and maximize your AW139s availability while limiting the time spent on administrative activities as well as minimizing your inventory. 

Why Heli-One?
  • Budget planning predictability
  • Single-source supplier across multiple OEMs
  • Scheduled and unscheduled event coverage
  • Global team of experienced planners, Customer Support Officers, 24/7 AOG support and distribution channels
  • Reduce your inventory
  • Minimized downtime in unplanned maintenance events with available exchanges
  • Higher residual value
Services Include:
  • Repair and Overhaul
  • AOG support
  • Integrated Logistics Support
  • Design and Engineering
  • Parts Inventory Management
  • Safety and Survival equipment

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