S-76 (A, B, C variants)

Sikorsky S-76

The Sikorsky S-76 is a twin turboshaft engine helicopter and is an incredibly versatile aircraft used in both civil and paramilitary missions around the world.

Heli-One is widely recognised as a world leader on the S-76 platform having supported hundreds of aircraft through by-the-hour support contracts. We currently support an S-76 fleet with over 70,000 annual flight hours. Our engineers have developed 52 post-delivery modifications for the S-76 enabling our team to prepare your S-76 for whatever the required mission. In addition, Heli-One also offers leasing and exchange units​.

We carry out S-76 (A,B, and C variants) Base Maintenance activities in Vancouver with deep expertise in performing conversions and lease returns, preparing aircraft for their next mission. 

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S-76 Capabilities
Base Maintenance
All levels of inspections/checks
Full structural support
Corrosion removal and repair
Minor/major structural repairs and modifications
Service bulletin compliance
Investigation/fault diagnosis
Vibration evaluation and diagnosis
Repair and Overhaul
Intermediate gearbox
Tail gearbox
Main rotorhead
Electric accessories
Hydraulic components
Landing gear
Rotor blades

 Featured Modifications

S-76 Flight Display Upgrade  The S-76 Advanced Flight Deck Modification modernizes the display with three glass screens and an updated flight management system (FMS). The displays, combined with a new FMS expands operational capability and enhances safety and situational awareness. 

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